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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 29, 2011 12:00am-12:59am EDT

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from anywhere in the world, when writing to us, do not be mordant. remember the spin stops right here this pen. we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: fox news alert. nine days into the allied military campaign against gadhafi, president obama tonight finally addressed the american people. this long overdue speech came after more than a month of confusion and mixed messages from the administration and officials in the administration. speaking in washington the commander in chief used his time to pat himself on the back for what he called swift action. despite being silent on the issue for weeks he now argues he was in complete control all along. oh really? >> the president: in just one month the united states has worked with our international
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partners to mobilize a broad coalition, secure an international mandate to protect civilians. stop an advancing army. prevent a massacre. and establish a no-fly zone with our allies and partners. to lend perspective on how rapidly this military and diplomatic response came together. when people were being brutalized in bosnia in the 90s, it took the international community more than a year to intervene with airpower to protect civilians. >> sean: what we didn't hear was anything about an exit strategy. nor did he say what america's role will be, if and when gadhafi is removed from power. here to help us break down the presidential address dick morris is with us. i want to put up on the screen the words of president obama. he can read a teleprompter, he
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can give a speech, 31 days later this is what he said. he said the president does not have the power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation. now vice president biden. i think through the prism of what they said, we've got to judge their comments tonight. >> the president has no constitutional authority to take this nation to war against a country of 70 million people. unless we are attacked or there is proof that we are about to be attacked. if he does, if he does, i would move to impeach him. >> sean: that was libya about to attack us? >> 26 million is more like it in iraq. i think clearly he needed to go to congress. if he ever went to congress and president obama was senator obama he would vote
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against his own resolution. >> sean: this is the point. finally -- look, this weekend -- we are going to show this in the next segment. defense secretary gates said the attack is not of vital interests to u.s.. >> the way you have to look at this attack is, it is one more thing that obama is on the hook for. colin powell said you break it, you own it in cautioning. >> president bush about going too iraq. think about the things obama is on the hook for. if oil price go up, anti-oil drilling. terror attack weakness in terms of the terror policies. if egypt blows up and becomes a muslim brotherhood state, the fact that he encouraged that rebellion. if libya resorts to ongoing violence he's on the hook for that. of course for the economy. you just have -- you have so many outcomes that can undo him. i believe he's taken the first step into quicksand.
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when you back -- when you say your rational is you are going to protect civilians. was if we get rid of gadhafi and his henchmen are just as deeply embedded at the baathist were in iraq they go underground the united states is not going to send ground troops in? we are not going to get involved? not another iraq. >> sean: i love your perspective, you are right. he's on the hook for all of these things. what frustrates me, there's a certain segment of the voting electorate in this country that did not pay attention to gates contradicting admiral mullens contradicting hillary, contradicting the president, the vice president contradicting, we are going to get domestic violence, not get gadhafi. they looked at arguments and criticisms they come up with a speech. some say he did a great job. >> that's fine the president is entitled to that on day one or day 31
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what happens if we end up having to put -- like bush had his mission accomplished day on aircraft carrier if it turns out not to be accomplished and it unravels it is on his watch. i think that obama going to inherent, from himself, a whole series of disasters that are going to unravel in the remaining two years of his presidency. >> sean: i think that is a great big picture analysis. he troops into harm's way. he says he consulted congress, didn't appear that he did. congress is mad at him, both sides of the aisle. as i watched the president come up with these differing positions, he sounded so definitive tonight. we knew what we were doing from day one. i'm watching and i'm thinking, i don't have confidence, because i know the truth. the truth is they've been utterly incoherent. that's frustrating. >> that's all inside baseball. what is going to happen now is will it work or won't it work?
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one, it takes real tall then to give a speech half hour about libya and not mention the word oil. what distinguishes libya from all these other oppressive regimes, oil, two million barrels a day. secondly, i feel in this whole thing, his whole approach is one in which he's essentially denying that he needs an exit strategy. in which he doesn't talk about how we are going to get out of it. how we are going to get from here to there. >> sean: didn't define success either. >> if your definition of success is preventing civilian deaths, welcome on! >> sean: i would call the obama doctrine, he said this many times, people in need, et cetera. it is in our vital interests. he's brutalizing his people. in many ways he sounded like president bush. wait a minute, do we go to syria, bahrain, saudi arabia. >> should we have gone into
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rwanda? bush the entire term in office trying to persuade people that iraq was not another vietnam. except for the outcome, it was. now obama is trying to persuade people libya is not another iraq and it probably is. but the other point politically, you have close to half of the democratic voters disapprove of this invasion. it is 51% approval among democrats. 57 nationally only 51 among democrats. if this goes south it is going to be the basis for a serious democratic party challenge to obama. initially from kucinich, possibly from more serious candidates. >> sean: did you sense this was a political speech that the president was defensive and answering every criticism from the right and the left, because he had been so incoherent? >> yes. i think he was answering as muches the isolation in his own party as the
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interventionists on the other side of the aisle. i think fundamentally, this is a civil war within the democratic party of the republican party is out of it. they will support getting tough on gadhafi this is a civil war not just within libya but his own party. he was elected again the iraq war. that's why i say if he were in the senate he would have voted against this resolution and run for president based on it. >> sean: i thought he gave a false choice tonight. do you think it is right for the u.s. to go to the u.n., form a coalition, begin bombing hand it off to nato and seemed like he washed his hands of it in many ways because he doesn't want another iraq. >> i have a column now on where i talk about how he has violated every one of colin powell's principles have a clear mission. what is the mission to topple gadhafi or not?
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don't have mission creep. it has already crept from a no-fly zone to supporting the rebels' army. do you have an exit strategy? we don't. because if gadhafi doesn't fall, and brutalizes civilians what are we gonna do? if he does fall and there's a civil war, what are we going to do. to pretend this is england or france's problem is facile because it was the united states' problem to begin with. >> sean: appreciate you being here. coming up our post-game coverage of tonight's presidential address. we will be joined by radio talk show host bill bennett. later the left and right collide we the brothers beckel the one on the right is the conservative one the one standing is the liberal guy. they return. you don't want to miss bob having to debate his [ male announcer ] escape convention. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus.
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>> the president: when our interests and values are at
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stake, we have a responsibility to act. that's what's happened in libya over the course of these last six weeks. >> sean: president obama over a week it has taken for him to speak out on libya. his secretary of defense beat him to the punch yesterday. one thing, second father gates was singing a different tune from the one we heard from the president moments ago. >> do you think libya posed an actual or imminent threat to the united states? >> no, it was not a vital, national interest to the united states. but it was an interest. >> sean: way. didn't the president tell the american people this was in fact in our national interests? here to help clear up all of this the author of the new book "the fight of our lives knowing the enemy, speaking the truth and choosing to win the war against radical islam." our good friend bill bennett is back. can you make sense of this? this is what we've experienced. one contradiction from one
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administration official. the president contradicting himself, culminating in a well written speech tonight that seems to clarify nothing. >> well written, well delivered not well thought out. first, if i'm gadhafi i'm sitting comfortably. the americans are not coming after me, unless the president wind telling the truth and we've got some guys in there. hamilton say when the u.s. goes when the country guess it should go like hercules. he told gadhafi he was safe. second, we will stop at removing gadhafi because the coalition will splinter. who is in charge? the coalition is in charge. you remember, this was a speech that retroactively justified the war in iraq that's what he did tonight. humanitarian grounds, no weapons of mass destruction. taking the same rational as george bush. remember some of the thoughts on the way to baghdad was a
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mistake. took 12 years. we understand the rebels were -- we could be seeing this for a long time. >> sean: he made his humanitarian in nature . we had a moral obligation as the united states of america we can't let this happen. it raises the question of whether we will do this elsewhere around the world. putting that aside didn't george bush go to the united nations? weren't there how many resolutions before george bush decided to act? didn't george bush talk about the humanitarian toll and the death and brutality of saddam hussein? >> yes. >> sean: what's the difference? >> that's right. gadhafi is nothing compared to saddam hussein. if you are going to make a humanitarian case, saddam hussein gassed his own people. he killed hundreds of thousands. gadhafi probably just thousands. the moral case is the moral case. the difference is, bush was willing to pursue this case in the war in iraq.
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now obama says, we going to leave it up to other people. was now? who is in charge? what is the mission? i think it is a mess. i think it is incoherent. >> sean: what does it mean? >> not only if i'm gadhafi, if i'm syria what am i thinking? to me the whole thing didn't make sense. i think he was pushed into this because sarkozy embarrassed him into it. >> sean: i think this goes against naturally who . what does it mean when an american president says our role is going to be limited, no ground troops and in a week transfers power and authority to somebody else? >> it suggests it is a tentative senate proposal. these guys should fear us. if we go in, we mean business, we should take them out, nothing short. if you are not going to take them out, forget it. >> sean: what does he mean when he says gadhafi must go? >> domestic violence must go of his own volition what does
12:17 am
that mean? because the french and belgians will ask him to go. what language do we think gadhafi understands? that's the problem. the other thing you mentioned about george bush, george bush did go to congress. george bush's coalition was bigger than barack obama's -- >> sean: i don't have a problem with him using military action without congressional approval. with the war of powers act, 60 days to act, another thirty days of congress authorizes their pull-out, i think he's within his legal rights. >> good idea to do it, particularly if you are on record as the video you have been showing all day and all week. that george bush was absolutely wrong to do this unilaterally when it wasn't at all. if you said congress should get the right of approval you ought to act on that. >> sean: but he sounded like bush except it wind the imminent threat and it wind the post 9/11 environment --
12:18 am
and it wasn't the post 9/11 environment. some nations may turn a blind eye, i refuse to wait. those are the exact arguments we had. what do you think the motivation is? did you think it was forced? >> embarrassed into it by other world leaders. >> sean: get out as quick i can. >> i have a listener on my show who says he's an outside shooter. he doesn't like to be on the boards, to mix it up. you cannot use american power like that you cannot just make some faint, and do some things send tomahawk missiles and leave the work to somebody else. suppose gadhafi holds on and starts to slaughter people, what is the mission? >> sean: your book, speaking the truth and to win. he doesn't talk about winning or victory, which leaves the option of losing on the table. do you think he really understands fundamentally, you know, who the enemy is? like who the 9/11 commission
12:19 am
report identified as our enemy that was at war with us, do you think he gets it? >> i'm not sure if they don't know it or will not say it. >> sean: in is a kinetic military action. >> worse was the pentagon report about what happened at fort hood. they denied it had anything to do with radical -- worse was eric holder appearing before the congress when lamar smith says we have all these bombs, yelling, anything to do with radical islam? he's not sure. the american people say this is something we need to do something about. they are accused of being bigots. they are taking people who say this seriously, as we all need to. this book is about the fight in the culture to get this war right. >> sean: great book. one day we've got to get the bennett brothers the beckel brothers are coming up next. it will be you and graham versus bob and bob.
12:20 am
>> we'll do it. you got a big stage, you are going to need a big arena. okay buddy. thank you. >> sean: bill bennett, good to see you. next, they may be brothers, but they don't agree on much, left winger bob beckel and his conservative brother graham, who is in the new movie coming of retirement questions. no problem.
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>> the president: i said that america's role would be limited. and we would not put ground troops into libya. we would focus our unique capabilities on theax front end of the operation. and we would transfer responsibility to our allies and partners. tonight we are fulfilling that pledge. >> sean: that was president obama speaking at
12:25 am
the national defense university in the washington, d.c. a short time ago. joining me with more reaction to that long overdue address former speechwriter for condoleeza rice elise jordan and crystal baal. role limited, no ground troops only on the front end transfer power and get the heck out of here. i'm doing back flips. i hold out, hideout in this location. he leaves and then i'm ready to go. >> from all reports that's not what he's doing. there have been reports that he's reaching -- >> sean: that's what he just said that's what obama just said, no ground troops only on the front end transfer responsible. >> do you think the american people have the appetite for a third full scale war in the -- in a muslim country? >> go big or go home. with this, i was not in favor
12:26 am
of this intervention. i think it is ill founded and going to war in a third muslim country when we are neglecting afghanistan and iraq, higher priorities. i also was skeptical of this intervention. my frame is, if we are going in we have to make sure we don't own this conflict the way we do own afghanistan and iraq. >> who going to own it if america doesn't own it? [ talking over each other ] >> they need to be utilizing what they have -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: one at a time, hang on a second. go big, go home. i want to add one wore. and win. if we are going in and he says publicly, the president of the united states told the world multiple times, gadhafi must go. if gadhafi doesn't go, how does america look in the eyes of the world? i would say we look like we failed and lost. >> no. he's been very clear about saying we want gadhafi to go.
12:27 am
we want him to stay? of course not. [ talking over each other ] >> we are already nearing -- >> also very clear about saying, >> sean: way, his words were, hang on a second, his words were he must go. and he said -- he didn't say we would like him to go, we hope he goes, we pray he goes, he must go. >> he's been clear from the beginning that the goal of the military action -- they are taking other actions, diplomatic, frozen assets, putting pressure on him in other ways. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: one at a time, please. he lease. >> how does libya become another iraq or afghanistan we it is not either of those places? there's a re-- legitimate threat afghanistan is where 9/11 came from. he claimed tonight he said the road to tripoli is through
12:28 am
tunis and cairo. >> sean: tunisia. >> tunisia. you have 85 million in egypt -- >> sean: i have a question. he said this for humanitarian efforts. he sounded like george bush. >> he totally does. >> sean: it is humanitarian, where do we go next? a lot of what is happening in libya has been happening there is happening all over the world. why here and not there? >> i do think that is the big challenge. i think -- i thought this was a good speech, not a great speech. partly there's a lot of uncertainty because there has to be. there are a lot of questions. we don't know how things are going got. >> i don't like to go into an uncertain war when we don't have a sense of our goal. >> how can you know what is going to happen? >> at least you know what the desired end stage is. here we are saying we don't want to let the rebels fail, but we are not going to go in
12:29 am
hard and do anything that is size -- that is decisive, that was the entire speech. >> the attacks have been so hypocritical. before we went in we have to have a no-fly zone we have to go in. now we are in, everybody is outraged. >> sean: three, four weeks ago we the rebels surrounded tripoli if we would have acted without bowing to the u.n. it would have toppled gadhafi like that. we dithered like he dithered in egypt and changed his position, like he dithered c the n 2009. he seems timid. almost cowardly and indecisive. >> number one, his administration has been relatively honest about the fact that libya isn't our number one priority. >> sean: then why are we there? >> because it is important that we back up our allies. >> sean: last question, does winning matter? if he says gadhafi has got to
12:30 am
go, should winning and accomplishing that matter? >> yes. >> sean: last word. >> vital national interest i'm confused why we are there. >> sean: good point. unless he's committed to winning, we have no reason to be there. gotta run you guys have been great. >> next, the beckel brothers, head-to-head, a debate you don't want to his. bob's brother is a conservative. conservative. and our gr with olay, challenge what's possible. regenerist serum with amino-peptide science picks up where genes leave off. hydrating to help skin look . ingenious. olay regenerist.
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>> sean: welcome back to a busy monday night of hannity. joining me debate on all of the issues tonight and president obama. my favorite pair of brothers, bob beckel and his brother graham. who is going to be starring in the upcoming movie "atlas shrugged" which comes out april 15th.
12:34 am
i mean this sincerely, one of the best movies, i saw extraordinarily well done. i've seen you in other movies. i can't believe how great an actor you. this is phenomenal. we are going to talk about that in days to come. >> thank you very much. you obviously got the brains in the family. >> yes. >> sean: you are as conservative as i am. we see how left wing your brother is. >> yes. >> sean: what happened? something must have gone wrong? >> whatever it is that went wrong. continues to go wrong. he's adorer of the president which i find very odd. don't follow leader's watch parking meters. he's very -- i don't know. i don't -- he's got a hole in his head. >> i know i was going to get beat up by both of you. he said you were a great actor. he's acting now. anybody who can act like a conservative and you too nice
12:35 am
a guy to be a conservative. the fact of the matter is, will you let barack obama alone. he's doing an unbelievable job. he's commander in chief. listen to this, in the first six months -- >> sean: he asked for the job. he begged for the job. >> the first six months of iraq, your favorite war. i never criticized the president. you've got american military people in harm's way and you guys are sitting back here like armchair generals. >> sean: they are leaving and he's not in charge, he passed on the leadership role so it is over. >> what is wrong with that? >> sean: was he successful? >> he's going to be. it was nine days! >> sean: was he successful graham? >> i don't know he seems to be apologizing, very defensive. seems to be talking to the people in west l.a. not to the country. what was with the great big audience? i don't understand. the president of the united states addressing the country, and yet it looked like a campaign rally. i agree with bob, i'm not
12:36 am
taking a position on this as long as our guys are in harm's way. however, -- >> sean: they are not on the ground. >> i know that but we don't -- >> sean: a with that part. here's the point, should winning matter? the president says, i asked this in the last segment, if the president says gadhafi must go. and gadhafi doesn't go. first of all he flipped on it. yes, no, he keeps changing his mind and has conflicting messages. does it matter if the guy doesn't go in the end? >> first of all, the most conservative estimates 250,000 people were kept from slaughter because we got in the middle of this and ed gadhafi's troops from moving in. -- the fact of the matter the community of nations is now united that blockade is going to strangle gadhafi, he will be gone in a month. a month. >> sean: how? >> because he's not going to have any money. his money has been frozen. >> sean: you don't think he
12:37 am
has a ton of money besides 31 billion. >> maybe some of the nurses maybe carrying a few bucks for him. but he will not survive as head of that country. >> would you agree bob gadhafi is a colorful creep, right? >> i think he's off on an acid trip. >> that's fine. what happens with the new guys? what if the new guys are worse, is that possible? >> of course what is the point? >> my point is, it is the middle east and the president should take a very firm, clear line at this point in our history, and do it early and say this is what we are doing, here's why, period! that's not to set up political events -- i'm sorry. >> you are getting a little angry. >> i'm not. >> you remind me when were you a young boy -- >> i'm tired of you giving this guy a right. >> i'm tired of you guys trying to decide this guy is a failure before he has failed
12:38 am
anything because you don't like him. we had a neighbor we didn't like particularly if i remember right, we burned his barn down. that doesn't mean on top of everything else, that he's not a human being. barack obama deserves respect he's president of the united states and you are not giving him the respect he deserves. >> i absolutely give him respect. as a it is yen i'm the independent conservative voter -- i don't understand why he didn't come out -- >> sean: i mentioned this with dick morris at the beginning of the show. the president said about. >> -- about president bush he doesn't have the power under the constitution to unilaterally authorize an attack in a situation that does not involve an imminent threat to this nation. that's what he said when bush was ingrand juried in military activity and troops with were in harm's way. you are giving him a pass for going back on his own words. >> that was biden. >> sean: no, this was obama.
12:39 am
if we don't think the middle east is in the united states security interests because of the oil -- >> sean: he said actual or imminent threat to this nation. >> it is. >> sean: how? >> it is an imminent threat to hundreds of thousands of women and children. >> sean: how is it an actual or imminent threat to america? >> that was the sound of wind through the hole in the middle of liberals aheads. >> a quarter million kids. would you like that on your conscience? >> that's when we put how many 100,000 people -- >> sean: he say the president doesn't have the power under the constitution. >> legitimate question. >> sean: he changed his mind? >> the courts have to decide that. >> sean: forget the courts, he said it. >> if we could be at peace and say this. i love both of you. you are both wrong. you are particularly tonight
12:40 am
being aggressive to me. when we were children i was bigger than you were and i could handle this, but i can tonight. >> you are still bigger than i am. >> sean: he is praying the segment ends. >> i would like to you apologize to the president of the united states. >> i have no apology to make i have great respect for president obama. on this occasion i think you don't want to have something like a dinner party. >> sean: if this is the obama doctrine, where are we going effect bob? there's a lot of slaughter going on in a lot of countries. >> bill clinton said one of the things he felt most badly about is he didn't go to rwanda during the slaughter there. if there a slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people and we are in a position to stop it, we ought to stop it. >> sean: anywhere in the world? >> anywhere in the world. >> sean: we are headed to all these countries? sudan, bahrain, yemen, lebanon
12:41 am
-- saudi arabia >> different story between syria and libya. you are talking about a mad man and quasi mad man, two mad men. you guys, i keep getting back to this. this war is just started. you shouldn't be criticizing why -- while it is going on. >> sean: i'm looking at somebody with all due respect is a class a hypocrite. by saying one thing when another president is in office and does the opposite as president. >> there's something unique a president or any politician saying something contradictory. >> sean: this one is a hypocrite. >> there's not others that hypocrites? >> sean: i'm talking obama, he's the guy he begged for the job, we gave him the job. >> he considered this was a humanitarian effort, we should do something about. >> sean: last word? >> three looks, you are either -- in acting there are three looks, you are playing the character or you are the character.
12:42 am
this guy is sort of playing being president of the united states. >> you know -- >> sean: gotta go. >> excuse me. did you get dick morris to -- >> sean: let not your -- you did it again. what was that? >> it was a little italian thing. i didn't throw you the finger. i didn't throw you the finger. >> sean: [ mike ] my name is mike and i quit smoking. i knew for years bore i quit that i needed to quit
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>> sean: yes he stays with us brother bob beckel is here he kicked his other brother out. he's a talk show host hugh hewitt is here. she was miss america 2008, kirsten haglund is here. you beat him up pretty good. >> one thing, i think we all need to calm down. i want to say justin bieber who is not somebody i follow, but has a new video out called "prayer." he goes pray, i think he goes to haiti and helps people and supportive of people in the world. is he -- he's a humanitarian i want to thank him for what he does. now i want to pass it on to you. you are a humanitarian. huge humanitarian, so everybody leave me alone tonight.
12:47 am
>> sean: all right. the president's argument tonight, innocent people were targeted for killing, hospitals, ambulances attacks, journalists arrested. sexually assault, he goes on and on. can we not make the case that we could go all over the world right now, hugh? >> terrible speech. because you cannot predict future american behavior based upon anything he said. you could be a friend or foe of the united states and read that speech and have no idea act and wouldn't. >> sean: there's plenty of places we could act now based on his definition of what would constitute a reason to go into a country? >> chaos. >> of course he said you have to look at the situation and see how those humanitarian or that moral argument aligns with our interests. robert gates' comments, hillary clinton's comments that is it an interest, is it not? the thing is you look at what is happening in syria. are we going there?
12:48 am
someone recently in rwanda where that genocide was ignored and very little action there. i'm happy we are stopping the prevention of what can be a huge humanitarian crisis. what they are ignoring is the fact that our allies, it is an interest for them. an interest for france italy and great britain that's why we are there. >> if i could point a few facts out to you armchair generals -- i was in the state department, followed a little of this. here's the reality, we , through the security council, a very tough resolution without a veto from some of our normal enemies. we put together a coalition and went into battle in the shortest period of time of the history of a coalition in the united states. barack obama did that. it is nine days old. it took us six months to get into bosnia, six months. >> he took a shot at clinton tonight. >> and he should have. and you tell me, did george
12:49 am
bush or everybody else ever get us into a humanitarian situation that short? >> what about iraq, that was a humanitarian -- >> we are going into iraq to take care of the weapons of mass destruction that were initiated by dick cheney's brain in the middle of the night. >> that was not the only reason. >> the no-fly zone was working fine, nobody was dying in iraq during the no-fly zone. i'm so glad you invite me monday nights, because no one would believe beckel. they think i make up this. >> was that not the worst speech? >> there was nothing to get your arms around. quote something, give me within quote? >> when he said we went in for humanitarian reasons and in the long term special interests of the united states. i think he's right. and he did it with allies. >> the north star speech the only thing ha was in there that was memorable and has no -- what it means. >> do you not think it is memorable that all those men
12:50 am
and children were going to get slaughtered? nobody was being challenged to get killed in iraq. >> sean: people were slaughtered in iraq. >> that's why we had a no-fly zone and it was working. >> sean: the customers were slaughtered with chemical weapons. >> right and we put a no-fly zone up for three years, nobody was slaughtered. don't worry about it, gadhafi -- [ talking over each other ] >> the fact of the matter is, there will be no gadhafi in a month. we'll sit back here and i will remind you of that. >> sean: how much you want that bet? >> whatever you want. no money and no military. you think -- >> sean: i don't have confidence in somebody running our forces because the president doesn't have the courage to lead. >> what! >> sean: the president just said america's role is limited. we are only in on the front end. no ground troops. transfer responsibility. he transfers responsibility
12:51 am
that means he's out. >> excuse me, two wars we are fighting and the united states under the extreme allied commander -- >> sean: he bowed out of his responsibility. >> [ inaudible ] [ unintelligible ] >> sean: november 2012 cannot >> sean: november 2012 cannot come soon enough. funny how nature just knows how to make things >> sean: november 2012 cannot come soon enough. that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good. professional driver on a closed course. ♪
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel this is one of these situations where i wish i was wrong. the media, as we were watching all of the protesters in taher square in egypt and mubarak being called a dictator even though as imperfect as he was, i kept asking what is going to follow? i looked at the public opinion polls, showed a vast majority
12:56 am
of egyptians supported apostates being kill and men and women not working to the and extreme views about islam being involved in politics. now "the new york times" reports the muslim brotherhood is at the forefront of this partnership with the military government that is believed, everything i predicted, they are going to be the ones that come to power. are the peep of egypt going to be better off? >> it is -- said where you -- it is sad. a group of young people students that were organized, wanting a secular government, so strong at the beginning. now you are seeing they are not in control any more it is the muslim brotherhood that is organized has come in. we don't know what result we are going to see. what we did see when they called for people to vote on that referendum when they are going to have this election that gives the muslim brotherhood an advantage because they are more well-organized than the secular parties, they appealed to their sense of religion. they said if we have a secular
12:57 am
nation we are going to become like the west have these ideals they have, we don't want that. it is your religious duty to vote. >> sean: i was like a pariah for suggesting. within other bit of investigation, a lot of the libyan rebels are connected to al-qaeda. are we going to help al-qaeda rebels defeat gadhafi? >> it is not a surprise you did broadcast it. a fellow named lawrence wright, liberal new yorker writer, most important book in is not a surprise this is how the muslim brotherhood works. >> as a result it should not surprise the obama administration they've empowered people who will be hostile to the united states and they are doing it again in libya and they will do it again if syria because they -- again in syria because never no coherent grasp. >> sean: the state department recognized rebels in libya have ties to al-qaeda. >> muslim brotherhood was the
12:58 am
birthplace of al-qaeda. -- in any event the idea there will be anything but a secular government in egypt is absolutely impossible, because the military will not let it happen, number one. number two -- >> sean: wait a minute this article -- [ talking over each other ] >> if you had read the referendum carefully, you would have seen the treaty with israel was kept intact by the egan >> sean: now. theprepe for war with israel. brotherhoon saying t f rterorityou remember how cartera ar homranteedom khomeini would be i ni for human >> sean: they comparedth ghandh. >> i was in the white house and i don'tring that statement stement i
12:59 am
don' >> sean: an official said -- -n o different from the prident egyptians have been our allies.e. ise idea they will let the etting burnednce as the happen easter, >> why should we trust>> w shout democratic forei democratic forgn democratic foreign policy elite so wrong a iran 1978 -- why should we trust the policy to get anything -- >> thep a couple bad wars that the. iraq. fuacy e alread it is successfu thi wey the formation of the new government. r theyor not they are going to e ence.nce. >> surprising like the south would have wouldin have influence too. they are they t


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